Richard an architect/designer from London  He initially studied physiology and biochemistry before going to work in R&D for Glaxosmithkline as a physical properties scientist. He then went on to study architecture, firstly at the University of Westminster, and finished his studies at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.


He has worked as a design architect for Lifshutz Davidson Sandilands, collaborated with marcosandmarjan architects on various projects and worked as a consultant for several offices in London, before founding design practice Arch-T alongside fabrication company D-SHAPE UK in 2013.


His current research explores new modes of digital production and simulation in architecture, as well as advances in the field of digital fabrication including 3D printing and 7 Axis robotic milling. His work explores a new sense of materiality, new hybrid technologies and unprecedented living forms that are being integrated in our contemporary built environment.




Richard  recently co-founded Syn.De.Bio (synthetic Design Biotopes) with Marcos Cruz..


The website is an online forum to disseminate new bio-digital work that is emerging in the crossroad of design, biology and engineering. It aims to promote an emerging network of designers, artists and scientists who employ novel design methods and innovative fabrication techniques to explore biological material in the built environment.


Advances in the field of synthetic biology, biotechnology, molecular engineering and material sciences, as well as new modes of production and simulation in architecture, product and textile design, are leading towards an increasing multidisciplinary approach to design.




He is the Unit tutor of the Diploma Studio Unit 20 at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London with Marcos Cruz and Marjan Colletti.  He is also Unit tutor of GAD RC7 with Marcos Cruz and is a teaching fellow in digital fabrication at UCL.


He has lectured and given workshops internationally and has been an invited critic at various UK universities. His work is internationally exhibited and published in various books such as, AD - High Definition (edited by Bob Sheil), and various magazines - A2, FX, Blueprint etc.








Richard Beckett, Ba, BSc, MArch, Dip Arch


Design Tutor MArch Unit 20


Design Tutor MArch GAD RC7

The Bartlett School of Architecture


University College London

140 Hampstead Road



t: + 44 (0) 203 108 9610

e: richard.beckett@ucl.ac.uk

w: www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/ architecture/people/academics



Co-Founder: Arch-T


t: + 44 (0) 7971622637

e: richard@arch-t.com

w: www.arch-t.com



Co-Founder: Syn.De.Bio


e: richardbeckett@syndebio.com

w: www.syndebio.com